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The Terry Fox Research Institute and Imagia Sign $200M Healthcare Initiative with the Canadian Federal Government

Please note: The photo above was taken in May 2019, prior to COVID-19.

Partnership creates Digital Health Discovery Platform, the first of its kind in Canada

The partnership represents over 97 consortium partners, linking hospitals and research organizations across Canada through the Digital Health Discovery Platform (DHDP), to unlock data-driven medical breakthroughs for all Canadians.

Montréal, September 22, 2020

The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), a pan-Canadian, world-class collaborative cancer research institute, and Imagia, a leading healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company that unites healthcare expertise and advanced AI technology, today announced the signing of an agreement with the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Industry to support the Digital Health and Discovery Platform.

Supported by a contribution of up to $49M from the Strategic Innovation Fund, Stream 4-Health and Biosciences, this agreement and the creation of the platform, together with approximately $159M in cash and additional in-kind contributions from 97 consortium partners, aims to accelerate precision medicine for cancer patients and advance pan-Canadian healthcare innovation in areas such as Alzheimer’s.

"Signing this agreement with the Government of Canada is an important step towards our goal of working together, sharing data, resources and knowledge to achieve our -- and Terry Fox’s goal -- of ending cancer through research,” said Dr. Victor Ling, TFRI President and Scientific Director and Stephen Herst, TFRI’s Chief Operating Officer. “As the lead recipient of this agreement, we look forward to working with platform members, and especially our Marathon of Hope Cancer Centre network partners, to create a robust, secure digital data platform that enables us to collectively find better ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer patients and to make these advances accessible throughout Canada.”

The DHDP is the first of its kind in Canada and is a scalable, multi-use platform to digitally enable national and international research collaborations. The objective is to advance next-generation data governance principles and technology to transform health research as a collaborative, economy-building ecosystem, linking healthcare data with AI and other technologies to improve patient outcomes.

A key aspect of the DHDP will be its function as a distributed learning ecosystem where clinical, genomic, biological and other data will stay where it is collected and be made easier to access while also being fully compliant with privacy laws and institutional policies. The DHDP will operate under a federated system, enabling disruptive digital innovation that provides platform-supported researchers access to analyze data from cancer centres and other research institutions. The platform will provide real-world evidence and the ability to conduct world-class clinical trials as well as help to attract and train top talent in machine learning and other fields such as data scientists, clinical trialists, biostatisticians, health and science researchers.

‘'Two years ago, TFRI and Imagia envisioned a platform that would combine Canadian healthcare, industry and AI expertise to develop personalized healthcare. With a patient-centric approach, Imagia, main partner of the DHDP, activates the infrastructure for accelerated scientific discoveries, better diagnostics and more effective treatments to improve the health of patients with high-burden diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. DHDP will be the first of its kind solution, which takes into account not just technical aspects, but a full scope of data governance and policy issues,’’ said Alexandre Le Bouthillier, Imagia Co-founder and CCO and Shelley Epstein, Imagia Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs.

“Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, our government has been hard working with partners on this groundbreaking initiative to advance Canadian healthcare,” said the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “The DHDP is a cutting-edge, national digital health data initiative that will bring together the best of Canadian innovation with our world-leading healthcare system. Today’s agreement will drive exciting new medical breakthroughs, lead to better patient care, attract investment, and create good jobs for Canadians."

About The Terry Fox Research Institute

The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), established in 2007, invests in world-class, collaborative cancer research teams and partnerships. Together with its research and funding partners, TFRI is working to inspire the transformation of cancer research in this country by bringing together leading cancer research and treatment organizations in Canada and empowering them under the framework of the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network.

About imagia

Imagia, an AI healthcare company, develops digital medical innovations that improve the health of cancer patients and those afflicted with other high-burden diseases. Through its collaborative ecosystem, Imagia EVIDENSTM enables hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostic companies around the world to access and utilize healthcare data while preserving data privacy. The company’s head office is located in Montreal, Canada.

For further information: For TFRI: Kelly Curwin,, cell:778-237-8158, office: 604-675-8223; For Imagia:, 514-652-3574.