Technical Partners


DHDP now has three technical partners who bring leading-edge capabilities for secure data sharing and expertise in building and integrating federated networks for AI-based inquisition. 


This new, Toronto-based partner has developed secure certification software to allow safe accessibility and control over data. In 2016, Bitnobi’s patented system was designed and developed by big data cloud computing and cybersecurity experts who identified the problem of sharing Big Data across varying data infrastructure with different types of users.

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“We can confidently say that working on this specific project gives us the opportunity to showcase what Bitnobi has built from a data-sharing perspective and, at the end of the day, we’re trying to unlock cancer data that sits in silos across the entire country.... There’s a real opportunity to make an impact, not just at a cancer level, but at a grassroots level for Canadian citizens as a whole.”

- Hassan Jaferi, CEO, Bitnobi, Inc.


A partner since 2019, CanDIG is a Canadian solution to analysis of health data; A national, distributed, analysis of locally controlled, private genomic data.

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“Partnership between companies and public healthcare systems is absolutely essential to make sure a project like this succeeds in Canada. CanDig is happy to be part of something that’s going to both create new jobs in Canada that are going to be essential towards growing our expertise in this important area, and making sure it gets used in a way that maximally benefits the public entities that are ultimately providing the health care.” 

- Michael Brudno, Chief Data Scientist, UHN and CanDIG Academic Lead

This new, Toronto based partner is a leader in development of federated learning infrastructure that simplifies incorporation of analytics into distributed workflows. helps developers solve the world’s most important problems without risking the world’s most sensitive data.

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“At the core of’s involvement in the DHDP is our commitment to leveraging our federated data science platform for the discovery, evaluation, and safe use of health data without the need to move it. Our federated data science platform is uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in the DHDP’s mission to bring precision medicine and personalized care to Canadians by ensuring that valuable insights can be derived from distributed datasets while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.”

- Steve Irvine, Founder & CEO