Creating a framework to accelerate precision medicine in Canada

Funding Opportunities

The Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP) seeks to improve health outcomes for Canadians by accelerating precision medicine for cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. To attain this goal, the DHDP funds groundbreaking projects that:

  • Link health data to enable innovation across multiple sites
  • Find novel ways to incorporate AI to clinical settings
  • Mentor a new generation of scientists and clinicians able to problem-solve in complex environments

All projects funded by the DHDP undergo a stringent competition that include an international peer-review process. This promotes scientific excellence and ensures funds go to top research projects across Canada. Proposals will also be evaluated by their engagement in the use of AI methods.

Requests for Applications (RFAs)

Detailed Requests for Applications (RFAs) will be posted in this section of our website on a regular basis. Please return soon to learn more about ongoing competitions.

DHDP Catalyst Program

The DHDP Catalyst Program will support the development of innovative, interdisciplinary, and short-term training internships that will directly contribute to the development of highly qualified personnel, through which the benefits to the health and digital technology sector will be realized

More information on the DHDP Catalyst Program can be found here.