Creating a framework to accelerate precision medicine in Canada


The Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP) facilitates unprecedented collaborations between clinicians, data scientists, industry partners, researchers, government agencies and nonprofits to transform health research into a collaborative, economy-building ecosystem to improve patient outcomes.

To promote these partnerships, the DHDP is developing substantial policy innovations in areas such as governance, data-sharing, and the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. These policy innovations are being developed by committees made up of experts from member institutions across the country, and will provide a solid foundation on which Canada will position itself as a world leader in the safe use of cutting-edge technologies that accelerate the implementation of precision medicine.

The DHDP is founded on three pillars: Policy, Technology, and Science. It is designed to create world-leading policy and technology stacks while being driven by expert-led use cases from Canada’s outstanding science community. Below you will find details on each of the strategic areas we are involved in.

Strategies EN_v3


Our Data Strategy aims to safeguard and facilitate the use of data to benefit the objectives of the DHDP.

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Eligible Project Selection

Our project selection strategy will encourage development and use of the DHDP through periodic calls for project proposals.

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The technology strategy will outline the framework to ensure technological interoperability and adherence to all DHDP standards relating to governance, security, privacy and confidentiality principles.

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The Commercialization Strategy articulates clear policies on the creation, use and protection of any IP to maximize benefits to Canada.

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Network and Sustainability

The network and sustainability strategy aims to engage the entire ecosystem to support the goals and sustainability of DHDP.

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Education and Training

The Education and Training Strategy will focus on utilizing the DHDP to design and deliver innovative interdisciplinary training to produce skilled science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) workers and healthcare professionals.

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The membership strategy is intended to facilitate the sharing and linkage of digital health data and disruptive technologies through an inclusive and Pan-Canadian membership structure. This strategy will focus on stimulating and sustaining membership to advance the DHDP vision and promote a ‘network effect’ to accelerate innovation.

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