Understanding policies and principles regarding our use of data


Our Data Strategy aims to safeguard and facilitate the use of data to benefit the objectives of the DHDP.

This strategy will outline the organizational and technical safeguards to be deployed by the DHDP to meet pre-determined privacy and information security controls. These controls must be determined on a risk-based approach, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The strategy will be developed following state-of-the-art data governance and access principles (i.e., FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and will include details related to consent management and when required, data management solutions, data sharing, privacy, security and sovereignty, data traceability, data integrity, data acquisition guidelines for AI friendly data, data lifecycle guidelines and cyber risk management.

DHDP Data Strategy

Ensuring that data is used in a responsible, trusted and governed manner while furthering science and discovery is an integral component of realizing the DHDP vision. The overall objective of the Data Strategy is to realize “a secure data access platform that enables discovery and stimulates commercialization” ultimately leading to advancements in precision medicine and improvements in the lives of Canadians.