Understanding policies and principles regarding commercialization


The Commercialization Strategy articulates clear policies on the creation, use and protection of any IP to maximize benefits to Canada.

This strategy will allow the DHDP to efficiently identify and mobilize key industry partners to perform this productization stage, either within DHDP members (industry, start-ups, SMEs) or outside of the DHDP as necessary. It will also include a process to evaluate eligible projects potential for commercialization, helping members navigate IP strategies, and safeguarding against commercialization of patient data. The Commercialization Strategy is intended to ensure that Canada is a top destination for businesses to invest, grow and create jobs and prosperity for Canadians, and to spur innovation for a better Canada.

The strategy is intended to balance proprietary and open source strategies, while fostering ownership and use of the eligible projects IP in Canada. The policy will further demonstrate value creation/retention, accessibility, and transparency by delineating appropriate licensing and royalty structures for different types of entities and project types (e.g., research projects vs. commercialization projects).